Our purpose

  • 100 Black Men of London
  • Beam
  • Ares
  • Fleurs de Cocagne
  • Les Plombiers du Numérique
  • Lulu dans la rue
  • Digital Inclusion
  • Homeboy Industries
  • MicroLab
  • Prodis
  • Studienkompass
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  • 25%

    employees involved

  • 25

    charities since inception

Providing time as well as money

The charities and social enterprises we sponsor have the common goal of providing support to those in need of employment. Their beneficiaries may be suffering from extreme poverty, social exclusion, mental illness, or may simply be from tough neighbourhoods. But one thing connects them all; they are out of work.

The associations we support all have a life-changing impact on the people they reach out to and accompany on their journey towards employment.

PAI Community not only provides funds but also encourages PAI staff to contribute their skills, taking time out from their working week to help projects by providing pro bono advice and encouragement in areas such as budgeting, reporting, fundraising and mentoring initiatives.


How we work together

2020 and 2021 have been periods of transition and transformation for PAI Community. Among other things, we have restructured our governance, implemented more intense communication campaigns, and expanded our portfolio of charities internationally.

One of the goals that we have set for ourselves is to build bridges between our portfolio companies and the charities and social enterprises which we support. We are discussing how our portfolio companies can offer internships, job placements and mentoring, as well as supplies that will be useful to our charities.

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