& Inclusion

PAI strives to create a diverse and inclusive working environment, reflecting the world in which we live in today.

Our conviction

At PAI, diversity and inclusion is the basis to empower employees by appreciation and respect regardless of age, gender, ethnicity, religion, disability, sexual orientation, education or nationality, as well as simultaneously building a successful and productive working environment.

Each employee brings an invaluable set of perspectives to the workplace, and we strive to create an environment where each one of them thrives and feels a sense of belonging. When recruiting, we aim to attract diverse talent by widening the pool of applicants, eliminating biases and increasing representation.

Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce

Our efforts are led by a PAI Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce. This is a dedicated group of ten individuals from different teams and offices within the company, whose objective is to promote diversity and inclusion in the workplace and advance PAI’s efforts in this area.

With representatives from all areas in the firm, it acts as a facilitator for the various teams to further reinforce diversity and inclusion within the firm through spearheading and implementing different initiatives.


A large part of the PAI Diversity & Inclusion Taskforce work includes implementing talent attraction and retention policies that encourage diversity and inclusion, as well as different initiatives including but not limited to:

- Elaborating a roadmap
- Organising firmwide training on diversity and inclusion
- Implementing policies to support parents and caregivers
- Implementing internal discussion forums to create a dialogue around diversity and inclusion at PAI


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