PAI today

We are a highly active partner seeking to fundamentally transform the businesses we own and create true long-term value. This is rooted in the industrial approach that has characterised our investment activity since inception.

  • Control investments in leveraged buyouts

    We acquire majority stakes in medium to large companies who are leading brands in their market. We invest in four core sectors and are particularly focused on markets where growth can be sustained through economic and financial market cycles. We harness our deep industry connections to deliver an ambitious and truly transformative approach. Our approach encompasses every aspect of our investments: consolidation, market position, growth, product and service development and beyond. Ultimately, we always seek to build excellent companies into sector leaders that can attract a strong premium on exit. An approach and attitude that often sets PAI apart from others.

Building better businesses for everyone

We aim to increase the profitability and long-term strategic value of the businesses we own, while considering environmental, social and governance impacts. In turn this secures superior valuations across financial market cycles when we exit an investment.

How? We invest in R&D, marketing, new facilities and acquisitions, to support the business’ brand development, geographic expansion, new product development and capacity expansion. The proceeds from cost savings and disposals made under PAI's ownership are systematically reinvested in the company to drive growth.

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