• Food & Consumer

    The consumer industry is characterised by its relative stability across economic cycles. We have been able to generate attractive investment returns due to our ability to identify opportunities for industrial consolidation in the sector, as well as our strategy to reinvigorate underinvested brands and drive market share through product innovation.

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    Gaëlle d’Engremont

    Bertrand Monier

    Ana Aliyari

    Julie Gautier

    Winston Song

  • La Compagnie des Desserts

    LCDD is a leading premium frozen desserts supplier for the food service market

    Food & Consumer
  • Uvesco

    A leading regional player in the Spanish food retail sector with a differentiated model based on a high-quality product offering.

    Food & Consumer
    • Investment date April 2022
    • Fund PAI Mid-Market Fund
    • Headquarters Spain
    • www.uvesco.es
  • Tropicana Brands Group

    Global portfolio of juice brands including Tropicana, Naked, KeVita, Izze, Dole, Copella, and Punica.

    Food & Consumer
    • Investment date February 2022
    • Fund PAI Europe VII
    • Headquarters United States
    • www.tropicana.com
  • European Camping Group

    ECG is the European leader in outdoor accommodation.

    Food & Consumer
  • Euro Ethnic Foods

    Euro Ethnic Foods is a wholesaler of ambient grocery products and beverages, operating within the fast growing Grand Frais food retail chain.

    Food & Consumer
    • Investment date March 2021
    • Fund PAI Europe VII
    • Value at acquisition €1.0bn
    • Headquarters France
    • www.grandfrais.com
  • MyFlower | Interflora

    Leading European flower and gift digital platform operating the Interflora brand in key European markets.

    Food & Consumer
    • Investment date March 2021
    • Fund PAI Mid-Market Fund
    • Headquarters France
    • www.interflora.fr
  • The Compleat Food Group

    The Compleat Food Group (formerly known as Addo Food Group & Winterbotham Darby) is a leading UK chilled food platform.

    Food & Consumer
  • Angulas Aguinaga

    A leading Spanish player in the refrigerated fish and seafood convenience and ready-meals markets.

    Food & Consumer
  • Froneri

    Froneri is a leading global ice cream player.

    Food & Consumer
    • Investment date December 2019
    • Fund PAI SP
    • Headquarters United Kingdom
    • www.froneri.com
  • Marcolin

    Marcolin is a world leader in the branded eyewear sector.

    Food & Consumer
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