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The scope of PAI Community’s associations

All our supported projects fall into one of the following categories:

  • Any project of an educational nature ranging from childhood education to adult education
  • Any initiative in relation to social reinsertion through sports or cultural activities
  • Mentoring or coaching elementary school, junior high or high-school students
  • Professional apprenticeships
  • Training or professional insertion or reinsertion for people in difficult or precarious situations
  • French Support and Work Assistance (ESAT)
  • Creating and developing companies with strong social impact
  • Any project providing access to ways of communication, transportation, housing, or providing registered addresses to give easier access to work opportunities
  • Projects fighting against isolation, exclusion, unemployment in order to faciliteaccess to the job market
  • Providing information and coaching for persons in precarious or unstable situations
  • Working to prevent against repeat offences by providing help for social and economic reinsertion

In general, any initiative, project or charity promoting the development of human capital in France and outside of France by a foundation or charity deemed of public interest or a business foundation.

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