PAI Community

How it all began… PAI Community was founded in 2012 when a group of the PAI Partners team members felt it made sense to bring the charitable work they had been doing in their personal lives and combine forces with the company.

The rationale was to leverage the talent pool and professional experience of PAI Partners making the impact they could have more powerful.

From the very beginning we concentrated the mandate around charities that promote social inclusion for people on the fringes of society by investing in and supporting projects that create employment and economic activity.

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Who we support

It was important for us to support charities who could benefit from our skills, know-how and network. We therefore chose to sponsor charities focused on professional insertion/reinsertion. The beneficiaries may be in situations of social exclusion, have mental disability, or may simply be from tough neighbourhoods. But one thing connects them all; they are out of work.

PAI Community not only provides funds but also encourages the PAI team to contribute their skills to help projects by providing pro bono advice and encouragement in areas such as budgeting, reporting, fundraising and mentoring initiatives.

One of the goals we would like to focus on in the near future is creating bridges between our portfolio companies and the associations we support through internship offers, job placements and mentoring, as well as supplies that can be useful to our charities.

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