First virtual sports challenge

For the first time in its history, PAI Community organised a virtual sports challenge to support   Les Plombiers du Numérique, one of the associations backed by our foundation.

With more than 100 people responding to our invitation across the wider PAI community, we managed to cover a total of 7 497 kms during the week, in excess of our 5 000 km objective, thereby raising a significant amount of money to help Les Plombiers du Numérique fund the construction of a new school focused on masonry (Les Geeks du Bâtiments).

The schools run by the association provide young unemployed adults with the skills required to find jobs in the digital industry but also in other occupations, such as masonry, where there is a real shortage of staff.

During the challenge we were joined by highly motivated and athletic representatives from Impala Avenir team composed of Les Plombiers du Numérique, our portfolio companies Amplitude, Interflora and Zahneins, our LP Signal Iduna, Groupe Ares (Association pour la réinsertion économique et sociale), another PAI Community association, and Evercore.