People we are able to help may be suffering from extreme poverty, social exclusion, mental illness, or may just be from tough neighbourhoods. The common feature is, they are out of work. We provide funds for associations that offer guidance and a framework to help people along the path towards a job. It’s hard work for these associations, but it’s life-changing for the people they help.

Providing time as well as money

This philanthropic initiative is based on the power of work. Employment and social entrepreneurship lead to social inclusion (also known as insertion in French), and reintegration into society. PAI Community contributes more than money though. Our team gets involved through pro bono work, which we encourage, taking time from their working week to help projects with advice and encouragement in areas such as budgeting and reporting, and improved fund-raising.

How are we doing?

Our team of 12 does an amazing job through the PAI Community Committee. People from this team at PAI select and monitor each of the associations we back. Since inception, we’ve invested more than €3 million in 22 projects in 4 countries. We’re proud to report we’ve helped more than 1,100 people get a permanent job out of the projects we’ve backed.

What does the future hold?

Now, we’re looking to involve more and more people within PAI, in all the countries where we operate – typically the younger generation who are the most motivated by these projects. We also aim to make the most of our investment portfolio, which is a unique asset. It’s full of great companies with ambitious ESG goals. So we can work with them to set up joint social ventures, which allow them to accelerate their ESG objectives. We’re also looking to involve our investors. As far as the longer term goes, this is one investment we will never exit.