PAI employees and PAI Community with Ukraine

The country of Ukraine is fighting to survive during these times of war. This terrible invasion has forced a great percentage population to leave the country abandoning their cities, homes and schools.

At PAI Partners, we could not sit by idly and therefore decided to organise a fundraise within the company. The donations from PAI employees amounted to €19,000. This was then matched by PAI Partners for a total of €38,000. In addition, PAI Community will support the same charity with an extra €40,000.

This total amount of €78,000, will be donated to Plan International which will be applied to an emergency fund they have specifically created for Ukraine. The entire programme will be dedicated to ensuring that the children of Ukraine be allowed to pursue their education in countries that are hosting them, such as Poland, Romania and Moldavia. The association has raised around €280 000 so far, including our donation.

We would like to thank all the PAI Partners employees for their support in this initiative which will surely make a difference!

To learn more about the charity or make a donation: